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Water Sprinkler


Automate your watering! Our irrigation systems are programmed to keep your entire landscape thriving, spraying every inch with just enough water, allowing your lawn to lock in the moisture and freshness. You'll save on your utility bills, too. We handle everything from installation and maintenance to irrigation system testing and design for a lush yard all your own.


Irrigation Repair

Have a broken sprinkler system? We can help smooth out the kinks! Let us help you maintain your existing irrigation system, so it performs perfectly every time. Our irrigation techs can take a look at your system and develop the perfect plan for repair and maintenance.

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Backflow Testing

Backflow devices keep the water in your pipes flowing. Without it, pressure in your pipes can drop, mixing your drinking water with harmful pesticides or other contamination. Worried about your backflow? Let us check our your system and see if your device is working right. Maintaining  these systems is a vital part of homecare for any homeowner. 

outdoor lighting

Exterior Lighting

Half of the joy of landscaping is enjoying it from morning to midnight! Let us light up the night with the perfectly placed lanterns that match your home aesthetic. From all-solar lights to a pool paradise, we can make your lighting dreams come true.

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Drainage issues are common all around Memphis with our naturally sloping landscapes. Keep the water moving away from your home before problems arise! If you've got standing water on your home or business property, let us redirect it and help save your foundation and landscaping today.

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